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Whether as a supportive measure to an RTD project, as a multiplier to leverage project achievements or "on demand" for specific requirements: we offer high-quality seminars and workshops for a wide range of topics, including powerful methods, tools and practices for research, technology development and innovation.

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The section for seminars and workshops on integrative and holistic measures for technology development. From design and optimisation to the details of technical collaboration: comprehensive introductions to the methods and tools of European high-tech research and detailed insights on how to use them for your RTD projects and innovation activities.

We pay particular attention to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises who seek to enhance their capabilities in RTD: by collaborating with other SMEs, through RTD grants or by cooperating with research establishments.


In RTD, "soft factors" are hard facts for the project's success. RTD projects have their own rules, of thinking and working. As a result, good project management may be quite different to the "classical" approach.

Our trainings provide managers with in-depth information about the particular challenges of RTD and with powerful tools to thrive in this environment. The courses apply to scientists who are moving into a management position in RTD as well as to experienced project managers who are new to the field of technology-driven research.


A professional strategy process is an important element of successful innovation. Our courses provide systematic access to strategy development for research and innovation. Powerful methods, from situation analysis to implementation - and the tools to apply them quickly and efficiently.

The courses focus on a balanced approach which can be adjusted to the individual situation and expectations of the enterprise, and which can also be successfully executed without impairing the daily business.

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Do you want to provide new impetus at a meeting? Raise new aspects and perspectives? Entertain your guests by provoking new ideas?

Tailored to the occasion and your objectives, we give speeches, presentations and lectures, focusing on the theme of RTD and innovation.