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RTD projects have their own rules. Finding creative solutions within time and budget... is the higher art of project managemt.

Do you want to see your RTD activities moving fast and achieving meaningful results? We accompany your research and technology development project with ambition and technical knowledge - in project planning, coordinating the entire project or parts of it, or simply as a valuable support to your project team.
And of course on our home turf: interdisciplinary projects of a multi-national project team.


Interactive and dynamic Collaboration is a key element of successful RTD projects.
Sounds easy? Yes. But in reality, things are different.

We offer you the expertise and experience, the tools and the infrastructure to successfully meet ambitious RTD challenges. Ask for detailed information about the many possibilities we can offer you for your specific needs and requirements!


Our additional services for research and technology development.

Reviews and assessments, certification of technology readiness levels (TRL), organisation of meetings, workshops, technical presentations and other events, dissemination and scientific publication of RTD results, provision and integration of specific expert knowledge, e.g. from our network of Senior Experts and scientists from universities and research establishments, and a lot more possibilities to optimise your RTD results.

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Deadlines keep whooshing by, no results to show, and your project partners care more about shifting blame than about getting things right?

Finding oneself trapped in an RTD project like that is a nightmare scenario. But it can happen, regardless how hard one may strive. If you are trapped right now: contact us.
We cannot work miracles... but our experience shows: there are few cases where certified miracles are necessary to bring a stalling RTD project back on track.

Technology-savvy, neutral support from the "outside" can be the turning point: for the analysis of the situation, for the recovery, and also for the relation to superiors, supervising project officers and grant offices.